About Frontend Babel

The world is diverse. We frontend developers work in different companies, live on different continents, look different and act different, yet we have something in common: the passion. Passion for discovering what is new, sharing what we already know, and reaching out for the impossible.

That's why we decided to start Frontend Babel — an online hub for publishing English translations of frontend articles originally written in other languages.

Not all authors have time, resources or skills to make an English version of what they write. Other members of the community can change that, contributing their translations and helping the world discover new frontend stars, experts, and innovators. Across boundaries.

Many frontend developers and web enthusiasts around the globe write articles, blog posts, share important information in different languages. People who use English as a lingua franca sometimes underestimate the amount of information they cannot access — because of the language boundaries, as old as the Tower of Babel. By collaborating, we all can achieve more.

How To Help

We are a community project – that means you can join us if you want. We are looking for bilingual people with professional proficiency in English who want to translate frontend-related materials, articles, and publications from other languages.

We are not strict about the requirements. However, we only publish materials that were never translated to English before, and the topic should be frontend-oriented, i.e. HTML/CSS/JavaScript and UX are specifically welcome. Other relevant technologies can be considered too. For each translator our website will be glad to publish a short summary of what she or he does, along with some links or promotional information.

It's a good idea to notify the original author about your translation plans and make sure you do not infringe any copyrights. We respect the law.

And let's rock!